Open Submissions

We’re starting to plan out our second issue! We want you to show us what you’ve got!
Warship is a zine about the things we love. Every issue will focus on a specific topic covering everything from music, film, art, literature and people. For our second issue we have to decided to put the spotlight on one of our favorite directors, David Cronenberg.

Anything and everything! At Warship we want to push the limits not just in substance but in style. Looking through our first issue will show you we intend to utilize different papers and different formats. We want to push ourselves artistically and we’d like your help. Send your Cronenberg inspired artwork or writing to Have an idea that goes a bit beyond that? Shoot us an email and let’s see if we can make it happen. Hope to hear from you soon!

January 20th, 2017
Print size will most likely be 4″ wide X 7.5″ tall, if you can work twice up (8×15) that’d be great, but if you work small and can make it look crisp, then that works. Please scan artwork at 300 DPI.



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