Zine Fest Houston Recap


Warship issue one met Zine Fest Houston for the first time on November 19th. Carlos and I had originally signed up to table together but were unfortunately seated apart, but at least we were on the same floor, in fact we waved to each other a lot.

Carlos has been to a few of these but this was my first time contributing/selling at a zine fest. I’m glad my cherry was popped by Zine Fest Houston. Despite the crazy Houston traffic and streets everyone I met at ZFH was incredibly nice, helpful and passionate about what they were doing. With over a hundred vendors this year it was inspiring to see/meet other people who were just as interested as I was in this “silly DIY book making” business. I didn’t get to walk around much but I was able to snag some awesome merch and even made some cool trades. Except for that creepy guy at the end, who’s zine was still pretty cool! Also, free beer and disco at the after party. And drunk people, who were lovely nerds, just like me and Carlos. And some old guy puking in a closet. In other words, a great after party.

Hope to see you next year,  Houston!



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