Contributor Call



Deadline: May 6th 2017

We’ve opened submissions for our summer smut special! We welcome all points of view and sexual orientations. Submissions don’t necessarily HAVE to be dirty, what you submit is YOUR interpretation of smut/perviness. However, if we can’t see the connection be prepared to explain/defend your submission. We’re open to your thoughts and we could be slow on any given day.
Submissions can be funny, gross, weird, true-to-life, interview, diary excerpts, poems, comics, drawings, photos, or collage.
This is our first time editing smut, so bear with us, please, We’re not trying to censor you, but if we feel that a submission crosses a line, we’ll reach out to you about editing. If we can’t come to an agreeable compromise, then we’ll split ways in an amicable manner. There are a few taboo subjects that… well, we’ll read everything we get in, but if a touchy subject is in the work then artistic merit should be key. If you have questions about this don’t hesitate to ask.
We want our smut to be tasteful and artsy, however, if that is not the point of your work, then leaving us a note and talking about it is probably a good idea. Again, we’re open to ideas, just let us know.
All writing is accepted and various kinds are welcome. If you think your story is a long one, email us ASAP so we can work out how many pages we’d need to save.
The final magazine size of each page is 9in wide/12in tall. There will be a few other smaller sections and inserts, but a lot of those are already being designed.
Black and white, or full color is acceptable.
We’d love smaller illustrations for design elements.
Artwork should be scanned at 300 DPI, Jpeg/PDF preferred, but we can read most file formats.
If you have a weird idea you want to try out, we’re open to discussion, however, speaking to us sooner is better, so we can better prepare for print.

If you want your image to be full bleed, that can be done, however, please allow a .5in bleed in your art work. Also, we put contributor’s names on the page that the art appears on so consider making room in your image for us to do so.
We also wanted to include a Tijuana Bible (new example below). Normally it’s a small comic, but who has time for that? This version will be a one panel image of a popular character of your choosing in a situation of your choosing. You can include text if you’d like.
Restrictions for this are: Size- 4in tall x 8 in wide, black and white, 300DPI
Let us know your full name (if you want to use an alias, that’s cool, but let us know who you are and we’ll keep your secret.)
Once you’re accepted we ask for a short bio, about 2-4 sentences long, It can be serious, funny, whatever you want, really it’s your space to write something about you. If you want to use the space to write your Mama Margies order, then do that.
We also ask for your social media that you want to promote. Usually this includes:
You can include all or none of these.
If you have other places that I’m not cool enough to know about, by all means, let us know and we’ll include them.
We try to answer questions fairly quickly, so send them along to: warshipzine(at)gmail(dot)com

2 thoughts on “Contributor Call

  1. Is this a local zine or can anyone submit? I’m a PA resident, I don’t know if say this would be restricted to Texas or something.


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