Stephen King Submission

“This is Warship’s last issue of the year and we’re hoping our best. We decided to go out with a bang and chose the horror master, Stephen King as our theme. King is not only a prolific author, he also has his hands in movies, comics, politics, he’s even in a band! We want our contributors to explore every facet of King’s world, through art, photography, comics, and of course writing (these can include essays, poems, prose, short stories, book/movie reviews, etc.). 
A few things to consider when contributing. We realize some of King’s works are more popular than others. We expect to get a high volume of those in contributions. We hope to get a wide range and in doing so will take into consideration showcasing his lesser known works. So research your King! Regarding artwork, if you submit a color piece please consider submitting a black and white version as well. There’s a chance one may work better for us than the other and it helps us out to already have the option. We are still working out the details regarding contributor copies. For now we can promise you a digital copy of the zine, the supplementals we include in every issue, and more than likely some contributor only goodies that we’ve cooked up as an extra thank you. 
We will not send out acceptance emails until after the first when all submissions are in. We hope to send out emails within a week of the submission deadline so don’t freak out if you haven’t heard from us!
Hope to hear from everyone soon. Happy creating!


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